How to hide boot console message.

Ernie Luzar luzar722 at
Thu May 10 12:26:24 UTC 2018

李周华 wrote:
> Is it possible that the boot message is not displayed when boot ? Only show when some error happen.
> Most of time there is no boot error occurred, we no need to care the boot message.
> I try create a file /boot.config with content "-mq"
> add below lines
>      verbose_loading="NO"
>      boot_mute="YES"
> to file /boot/loader.conf
> but some network connection message still show , is there a way to hide that ?  thanks

With the above config if you are still getting boot time network 
connection messages, then this is a bug. You should file a bug report 
about this showing the output your getting.

Can help you with "stopping the boot time messages from showing". But 
there is no control over showing only errors. The only error at boot 
time is the system freezing up. You will notice this when it happens. 
Any other error such as missed spelled options in /etc/rc.conf is not an 
boot error. They are just ignored and the boot process continues by design.

If you use a boot time splash screen those "boot time messages" will not 
show rolling across your master console. A few boot loader messages, 
including the boot options menu and the timed wait
countdown prompt, are still displayed at boot time, even with the boot 
splash screen enabled.

See handbook for info on how to configure.

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