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Mon May 7 01:53:48 UTC 2018

On 05/05/2018 06:53 AM, Chris Hill wrote:
> Hello list,
> I'm looking for advice and opinions on wiki software. This would be
> for use by a small business group, probably not more than 25 or so
> users in total. The idea is that each user would contribute material
> on subjects in which he is "expert." Eventually we end up with solid
> documentation of our processes and our homegrown software, and then
> things don't go to hell as much the next time someone is nearly killed
> in an accident.
> I have a reasonably decent machine on which to run this, but still it
> would be nice if the solution were, for example, not too heavy on the
> build- and run-dependencies.
> Other nice-to-haves:
>  . Easy user management, ideally with self-signup
>  . Use with http server of my choice, i.e. server-agnostic
>  . TLS supported
> I'd be grateful for any suggestions, or for stories of good or bad
> experiences.

my choice for this is/would be dokuwiki - it's very light, there's no
database or external things to go sideways, all your files are stored as
plain text if something does go wildly sideways, it's just text.  
should be very easy to recover/backup.   I've only ever tried to run it
under apache, but it ... might?  work with other webservers, probably
nginx fairly easily, maybe more.  I think the only thing it needs to run
is ... maybe php and a 'user that httpd runs as writable filesystem'. 
there are minimal bells/whistles to this, though.   user mgmt is
basically .ht files.

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