Hosed QT install

Mark Moellering markmoellering at psyberation.com
Sun May 6 22:47:30 UTC 2018

On Sun, May 6, 2018 at 6:28 PM, Rod Person <rodperson at rodperson.com> wrote:

> I'm getting this error with various QT apps (VirutalBox,
> qutebrowser and others). I appear to have an older version of some qt
> library but I not idea which.  I tried reinstalling all QT but that
> didn't help.  Anyone ever run into this and have a way to find the bad
> lib or any idea how to correct it?
> Qt WARNING: QStandardPaths: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set, defaulting to
> '/tmp/runtime-roddierod'
> Qt FATAL: Cannot mix incompatible Qt library
> (version 0x50904) with this library (version 0x50903) Abort trap
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Wow, I literally just finished fixing this with Lumina

I did a pkg info | more and noticed that, even though I upgraded the qt5
[meta] version, there are some qt5 libraries that do not, automatically,
upgrade.  I then did a manual pkg upgrade qt5-[package]  I know i had to do
dbus, x11extras, svg, and a number of others.  I just kept at it, until
they were all upgraded to the same release.

For Lumina, specifically,  I had to do a pkg delete of all of the packages
for it (such as lumina-core, etc)  I then did a pkg clean -a (not sure if
that was necessary) and pkg install.  Finally, it was back to normal.

I hope this helps.  Good Luck


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