Is It Possible To Use Azure Backup With 11.1 Image?

Drew Tomlinson drew at
Sun May 6 19:41:10 UTC 2018

I originally posted the below message in cloud@ but that list seems pretty quiet.  So I was wondering if anyone here can help?

I'm experimenting with Azure and have built a box with the 11.1 image from the marketplace.  I've tried to enable azure backup.  I can start the backup via the Azure portal but it fails consistently at 5:06 minutes.  I assume this is because the timeout in the waagent.conf file is 5 min by default.  The error is about not being able to communicate with the VM agent for snapshot status.  I do have the azure-agent port installed.  The service is running.  And for testing, I even have an outbound "allow from any to any" rule in my network security group attached to the VM's interface.

I opened a MS support case but the engineer is trying to tell me that "this version of Linux does not support backup".  Well being as he doesn't even seem to understand that FBSD isn't Linux AND combined with the fact that I can see what appears to be snapshot activity in the waagent.log file, I don't believe this is the case.

Any clues as to where I should look next?  I've included some waagent.log entries below.

Thanks for your help,


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