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> Hello list,
> I'm looking for advice and opinions on wiki software. This would be for
> use by a small business group, probably not more than 25 or so users in
> total. The idea is that each user would contribute material on subjects
> in which he is "expert." Eventually we end up with solid documentation of
> our processes and our homegrown software, and then things don't go to
> hell as much the next time someone is nearly killed in an accident.
> I have a reasonably decent machine on which to run this, but still it
> would be nice if the solution were, for example, not too heavy on the
> build- and run-dependencies.
> Other nice-to-haves:
>   . Easy user management, ideally with self-signup
>   . Use with http server of my choice, i.e. server-agnostic
>   . TLS supported
> I'd be grateful for any suggestions, or for stories of good or bad
> experiences.

Unless you have someone to manage it who is very technically astute, I 
would NOT recommend mediawiki. It is written by programmers for 
programmers, and requires a great deal of commandline work to get it 
working right. If your admin can't read code, stay away from mediawiki.

I haven't used it, but looked at it in some detail, and I would recommend 
docuwiki. For the size project you're considering, it's probably ideal.

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