Firebird core dumped after update

Jan Beich jbeich at
Sat May 5 16:01:11 UTC 2018

Radek Krejča <radek.krejca at> writes:

> I updated freebsd and ports to latest version. And I have big troubles
> with Firebird and probably ICU after update. Server starts without
> problems but if I try to import database, server core dumps.

Build the port and dependencies WITH_DEBUG=1 then use gdb (from ports)
or lldb to get a backtrace. truss/ktrace only captures system calls i.e.,
rarely useful when debugging application crashes.

> stat("/usr/local/share/icu/61.1/icudt61l/windows-874-2000.cnv",0x7fffdf7f63b0) ERR#2 'No such file or directory'
> Its true, this file really doesn't exist. But why? I tried to
> recompile all packages from ports, the same situation.

devel/icu has --with-data-packaging=archive which concatenates all
locale data into a single file e.g., icudt61l.dat.

Maybe ICU always iterates over all places locale data can be. Unless no
data is found it's unlikely to be the reason of the crash.

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