Looking for wiki software

John Levine johnl at iecc.com
Sat May 5 14:00:39 UTC 2018

In article <B09A5546-CA0B-4D15-8F41-4F2EA759A413 at cretaforce.gr> you write:
>>> I'd be grateful for any suggestions, or for stories of good or bad
>>> experiences.

I have a bunch of wikis in mediawiki.  I needs mysql, a web server
(usually Apache) and PHP, all of which are in the ports.  It is not
hard to set up, and the load it adds to my system for low-volume wikis
is imperceptible.  It has self-signup and you can configure it in reasonable
ways like login to edit or login to view.

It has the advantage that since it's the same software as Wikipedia, anyone
who knows how to navigate and edit Wikipedia already knows how to use it.


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