upgrade of firefox from v54 to v59 hosed up

wa5qjh wa5qjh at xmission.com
Wed May 2 00:16:37 UTC 2018

I didnt need to do a source upgrade because the~  sudo pkg upgrade -y
firefox did work but it sucked in a long list of other things it wanted
to upgrade, delete,install as well, including QT5-gui perl5.26 and
qtcreator among them.

That qtcreator is proving very problematic as apparently there isnt one
adjusted for qt5-5.9.4 yet. , just qt5-4.7.1. so i tried to go and build
that. didnt work out so well yet. I've only got a intel core i3
motherboard and after a bit of compiling FreeBSD froze up solid. no
cursor movement nothing moving in gkrellm2, nothing except did see disk
activity periodically. after an hour or so waiting to see if it would
finally finish,  I gave up, rebooted, and havent yet gotten back  to
trying again. not the first time things have frozen during a build,
either. tried telegram-desktop few days earlier. that time, after
rebooting,  i tried again. same freeze-up.

Gary Corell
 Ya gotta think time beyond the end of your nose.

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