How to make default root as partition-d (ada0s1d)

Moheed Ahmad at
Sat Mar 24 13:11:37 UTC 2018

Hello there,

I am trying to have two different version of bsd on a single slice.

I've an MBR partitioned 2T disk with single slice.

I've divided disk to 4 slices.
ada0s1a [9.x bsd here]
ada0s1b [swap]
ada0s1d  [want 11.x bsd here]
ada0s1e  [data partition]

Installation goes fine and things boot fine.

However, everytime I boot, default boot happens from 0:ad(1,a)/boot/loader.
How can this default be changed so that default boot happens from ):ad(1,d).

I went through the boot-mgr, boot0, bootcfg, nextboot docs
It says 'a' is treated as traditional root. and /boot/boot code always
tries to load loader from 'a'.

For the gpt-scheme there are attributes bootme/bootonce etc that can mark a
partition to be booted by default everytime.
However for MBR(with disklabels), I don't see any option available. [Other
than possibly modify boot/boot code to treat 'd' as default /.

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