Removing local_unbound

Polytropon freebsd at
Fri Mar 16 13:24:09 UTC 2018

On Fri, 16 Mar 2018 08:42:59 -0400, Bob McDonald wrote:
>  > Check "man 5 src.conf". Add
> >        WITHOUT_UNBOUND=1
> > to /etc/src.conf.
> OK, is there any way to do it that doesn't require rebuilding the system?

No. This approach explcitely works _only_ with rebuilding the
system. At least once.

> This will certainly work but if there are lots of systems, this could get
> cumbersome.

You can get rid of offending binaries by renaming (or removing)
them, or at least removing the +x flag. However, after you've
done a freebsd-update, they will be back as they were before.
So maybe you can create a script that will perform this task,
and then run it after every freeebsd-update.

I know this doesn't look right (and it actually isn't), but
it will work. I sometimes do this on systems that have base
LPR installed, but require CUPS - and then two instances of
tools like lpr, lpq or lprm will exist. :-)

> Is there something in the install that would leave these programs out?

No, this is not intended. The DNS resolver is an essential
part of the OS and cannot be removed during the normal
installation and updating procedures. Both installation
from tarballs and binary updating will install the whole
set of OS components onto the system - and doing this
manually by "disassembling" this process sounds crazy. :-)

But you can wait for "packaged base" to arrive in production
and then check if Unbound becomes a package which can be
installed optionally (or left out).

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