difficulty installing sendmail+tls+sasl2 package

William Dudley wfdudley at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 18:53:21 UTC 2018

I've been running my own sendmail based server for many years.

I'm currently running FreeBSD 10.3, with base sendmail.

It works, but lacks SASL support.

I found a mention of package sendmail+tls+sasl2 and thought I'd try that.
After all, I have a running sendmail, how hard could it be?


pkg install sendmail+tls+sasl2 "worked", in that it installed stuff and
report any error messages.

I follow the first instruction:

you should add in /etc/make.conf:
SENDMAIL_CF_DIR=        /usr/local/share/sendmail/cf

So far, so good.

Later, in the printed instructions, it says:

To activate sendmail as your default mailer, call the target 'mailer.conf':
$ cd /usr/ports/mail/sendmail && make mailer.conf

Your '/etc/mail/mailer.conf' should look like this:
# Execute the "real" sendmail program, named /usr/libexec/sendmail/sendmail
sendmail        /usr/local/sbin/sendmail

I didn't do the make mailer.conf, because I don't understand why
stuff in the ports tree is being referenced.  This is a pkg, not
a port.

And then there's this:

ls -l /usr/local/bin/sendmail
ls: /usr/local/bin/sendmail: No such file or directory

So that's kind of worrying.

I go to /usr/local/share/sendmail/cf and read the README.

It says to do this:

This email is free of malware because I run Linux.

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