'postfix upgrade-configuration' gives false message at end.

Valeri Galtsev galtsev at kicp.uchicago.edu
Fri Mar 2 20:47:26 UTC 2018

On 03/02/18 14:02, James B. Byrne via freebsd-questions wrote:
> While running 'postfix upgrade configuration' I received this message:
>      Note: the following files or directories still exist but are
>      no longer part of Postfix:
>       /usr/local/etc/postfix/access /usr/local/etc/postfix/canonical
>       /usr/local/etc/postfix/generic /usr/local/etc/postfix/header_checks
>       /usr/local/etc/postfix/relocated /usr/local/etc/postfix/transport
>       /usr/local/etc/postfix/virtual
> Googling this uncovers that this statement is utterly false and
> without any foundation whatsoever. This was confirmed by no less an
> authority than Wietse Venema.^1
> So, who added this notice and for what purpose?  Why would one wish to
> deliberately mislead people that are no doubt upgrading an existing
> smtp mail service.  Otherwise they would not be running 'postfix
> upgrade-configuration' to begin with.

Here would be an answer:

root at point:~ # cd /usr/ports/mail/postfix
root at point:/usr/ports/mail/postfix # make maintainer
ohauer at FreeBSD.org

I haven't seen the message myself, if I did and verified it as you did I 
would e-mail all this to port maintainer above (ohauer at FreeBSD.org).

> I am sure that those of us that are in the midst of an upgrade in
> place  really do not appreciate the additional stress that this
> falsehood engenders.  Not top mention the waste of time researching
> the implications of this statement.

Fully agree.


> 1.
> http://postfix.1071664.n5.nabble.com/postfix-upgrade-configuration-td94306.html

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