How to disable GELI selectively?

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On 06/18/2018 11:19 AM, thor wrote:
> Hello!
> Here I have a computer with 2 HDDs partitioned identically with GELI
> encrypted root as in
> When I boot the computer it properly asks the passphrase for /dev/ada0p3
> and mounts /dev/ada0p3.eli as a root.
> Then, it asks "Enter passphrase for gptid...." which I don't want since
> the second HDD should be attached manually when needed ONLY and all
> other time it should be unmounted. I am to press enter enough times to
> make me mad.
> I have found
> but it resolves the problem how to mount /dev/ada1p3.eli on boot but not
> how not to mount it.
> kern.geom.eli.tries=0 makes geli not to ask for every passphrase
> including /dev/ada0p3 and the boot correspondingly totally fails.
> What should I do?

Try running geli configure -b on the root and geli configure -B on all
the others. That should set resp. clear the BOOT flag that geli.ko uses
to determine which geoms to attach at boot.

See the documentation for the 'configure' command in geli(8) for more

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