How to disable GELI selectively?

thor thor at
Mon Jun 18 16:19:10 UTC 2018


Here I have a computer with 2 HDDs partitioned identically with GELI 
encrypted root as in

When I boot the computer it properly asks the passphrase for /dev/ada0p3 
and mounts /dev/ada0p3.eli as a root.

Then, it asks "Enter passphrase for gptid...." which I don't want since 
the second HDD should be attached manually when needed ONLY and all 
other time it should be unmounted. I am to press enter enough times to 
make me mad.

I have found 
but it resolves the problem how to mount /dev/ada1p3.eli on boot but not 
how not to mount it.

kern.geom.eli.tries=0 makes geli not to ask for every passphrase 
including /dev/ada0p3 and the boot correspondingly totally fails.

What should I do?


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