A tricky problem: managing ext2fs extended attributes under FreeBSD

Manish Jain jude.obscure at yandex.com
Tue Jun 12 16:45:39 UTC 2018


I am running a 10.4 amd64 system in which the OS is FreeBSD. The root 
filesystem is UFS ,

whereas all my user data gets stored in an ext2fs partition.

Extended attributes like unlinkable can be set with chflags under 
FreeBSD UFS and

with chattr under Linux Ext2.

There are times when I want to mark a file among my user data as 

FreeBSD I think can set/honour flags only for UFS, not for Ext2 filesystem.

Is there some way I can get Ext2 attributes to work under FreeBSD ?

Thanks for any tips.

Manish Jain

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