Lenovo P52S compatibility

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On Thu, Jun 7, 2018 at 8:33 AM, Julien Cigar <julien at perdition.city> wrote:
> Hello,
> All is in the title: any idea if the Lenovo P52S is compatible with
> FreeBSD ?
> Thanks !
> Julien
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P500 should work fine with latest NVidia driver. I have a T530 with
Nvidia, for FreeBSD it needs to be set to NVidia only (or Intel HD
only). (in BIOS) There's a third option that switches GPU based on
power and that does not work with FreeBSD. The P52S may have the same

Intel 8265 / Wifi might be an issue, you may need to run Current/Head.
It's not clear to me if the driver update is in 11.2.

If you are using the LTE/GSM card, I am not sure if that works? Maybe
somebody else does.

I don't think you will have issues with anything else.

Waitman Gobble

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