newsyslogd / pflogd : daily logfiles for pf

Ruben mail at
Mon Jul 30 15:13:33 UTC 2018

Hi List,

I'm running PF on some FreeBSD 11.x installs and I would very much like 
to have daily logfiles containing the entries that land up in the pflog 
device. I'm having trouble switching from "max size" rotation to "once a 
day, regardless of size" rotation.

My pflog entry in /etc/newsyslog.conf looked like this:

/var/log/pflog      600  3    100    @T00 JB    /var/run/

and after my attempted change now looks like this:

/var/log/pflog      600  30    *    @T00 JB    /var/run/

but no new /var/log/pflog.0.bz2 files are created anymore. If I run the 
newsyslog binary manually like this :

/usr/sbin/newsyslog -vCF

then the /var/log/pflog.* are created / rotated.

Could somebody perhaps shed some light on what I'm doing wrong here?

Any help appreciated!

Kind regards,


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