Where to download VM-images for FreeBSD 9.2 and before?

Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Sat Jul 21 01:23:17 UTC 2018

On Fri, 20 Jul 2018 18:42:13 -0400, 慕冬亮 wrote:
> I am newbie to FreeBSD. As to VM-images for FreeBSD 9.3-11.2, I could
> download them from https://download.freebsd.org/ftp/releases/VM-IMAGES/.
> For FreeBSD 9.2 and before, I only find ISO images from
> http://ftp-archive.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD-Archive/old-releases/.
> I wonder whether there are VM-images for FreeBSD 9.2 and before. If yes,
> could someone share me the link?

The problem is that older releases predate the creation and
availability of VM images. This line of release components
has been introduced after FreeBSD 9.0, if I remember correctly.
What's common today hasn't been common decades ago. ;-)

So if you need an older FreeBSD version in a VM, you need to
use the installer image and install FreeBSD to the VM yourself.
This is usually possible with all installer media (USB image,
CD image) that the VM can start with ("BIOS boot" via USB or

Maybe check out VirtualBSD, they provided independent VM images
for various FreeBSD versions (primarily intended for desktop use).
Maybe you'll find older versions there?

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