Jacob Bibou jacobbibou at
Mon Jul 16 08:05:57 UTC 2018

How are you? I feel honoured to write you this email. my  apologies for writing without earlier notice. Pardon my way of writing if you do not fully understand what I have written but be assured that with my best ability i will explain better.

I assure you that the sole or very purpose of this mail content is to benefit you and I in all good ways.

A user made a fd for twelve months which was valued at 9, 6m in my bank branch. At term-maturity, I sent a routine notification with his information on file but I got no reply. few months later, I sent another notice which didn't return, finally I discovered sadly from his contract employer, a company here in my country, that he died along side with family on the 2003 cotonou plane-air.crash that occurred december.

the efforts to locate his people has failed despite the amount of labour I put into it. No one in my work place or else knows anything about this amount because I have always shielded it even from the auditors with my administrative position which makes it to appear as a regular account.

your assisting me to move the amount out of my country will be appreciated.
It is very secured because with my banking expertise, we will move it with or without your real name to your country or any other country and in a very secured manner. Your most matured suggestion and opinion will be highly appreciated.
participating shall benefit you and I highly.

 thanks. regards, Jacob.

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