Problems Connecting Laptop To Modem

B J va6bmj at
Fri Jul 13 02:30:07 UTC 2018

During the past few weeks, I've tried all sorts of things in trying to
solve the problem of connecting the laptop to the Internet.

Late last month, I was at the house I inherited and I took the HD with
me.  I've got two machines there, as well as two different Internet
services.  I put that HD into one of the laptops and tried to connect
to each modem.  No joy.  Whatever the problem is, it had to be
something to do with drive.

Earlier today, I installed FreeBSD on a spare HD that I connected to
one of my tower machines.  I put that drive into the original laptop
and got the same results.  The interface can't find a DHCP server and
can't make a connection to the Internet.

In addition, the laptop has a wireless interface, but the installer
can't find it.  Also, before the connection problems began, the
machine had a number of sudden shutdowns, which, I suspect, might have
been due to kernel panics.

Considering the age of the machine, and the condition it was in when
it was given to me, I'm inclined to think that the problem is on the
motherboard.  Maybe it's time to put the laptop up on blocks or, if it
fails completely, cannibalize it for spare parts.


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