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Olivier Olivier.Nicole at cs.ait.ac.th
Wed Jul 11 02:36:30 UTC 2018

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> On Mon, 9 Jul 2018 08:35:26 +0200
> Polytropon wrote:
>> but fetchmail can "copy" messages, i. e., leave them on the server,
>> and upon invocation, only load the unread messages). Check
>> "man fetchmail" for the keep / nokeep keyword.
> It's already been clarified that the fetchmail instance would also be
> remote, so this doesn't apply to the OP, but for the record, getmail
> handles the above better.

That is not exacteky what I understood.

I think that all the OP wants a way to "use mailx on his
mailbiox". Because mailx does not rely on a network protocol, but rather
only works on a mbox file local to the machine where mailx command is
used, he needs a way to get the messages to the machine where he will be
using the command mailx.

One way to do that would be to setup the machine as a mail server, but
it is a huge task (even if the OP is not interested in setting up IMAP
or webmail).

One other way is to keep the original server working and fetch the mail
from that server to the machine that will be used for mailx. One of the
way being fetchmail, I don't know getmail, it may well do the same job:
reading mail with IMAP and dumping it into a mbox file.

My feeling is that setting the fetch/getmail way acheives the goal of
the OP (being able to read mail with mailx) while being many orders of
magnitude simpler than having to learn sendmail.

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> With IMAP fetchmail handles 'download and leave on server' through the
> IMAP '/SEEN' flag, it downloads unread mail, marking everything it
> downloads as read. This has two obvious flaws, anything you read
> online wont get downloaded, and anything that's downloaded gets marked
> as read on the server.
> getmail keeps track of what it's downloaded using timestamped
> UID+UIDVALIDITY pairs, so:
> 1. it downloads reliably
> 2. it wont mark your IMAP mail as read (unless you want it to)    
> 3. it supports an option to delete server-side mail N days
>    after download.
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