ntpd binds to all ldefined loopback addresses

James B. Byrne byrnejb at harte-lyne.ca
Tue Jul 10 12:53:08 UTC 2018

I have encountered an issue with ntp on FreeBSD-11.  This may be
either a design feature or a bug; or just a misunderstanding on my

The host in question has server jails running on it.  None of these
are running ntpd.  However, the host is and is configured to listen on
specific addresses:

# grep -i listen /etc/ntp.conf
### Set the listening addresses to avoid collisions with jails
interface listen
interface listen

However, when I do a sockstat I see this:

# sockstat -l | grep ntp
root     ntpd       11391 20 udp4     *:*
root     ntpd       11391 21 udp4    *:*
root     ntpd       11391 22 udp6   ::1:123               *:*
root     ntpd       11391 23 udp4         *:*
root     ntpd       11391 24 udp4        *:*
root     ntpd       11391 25 udp4        *:*
root     ntpd       11391 26 udp4        *:*

Despite being instructed to only listen on two addresses ntpd has
glommed every available loopback address.

Is this intentional?  if not then how does one configure ntp to only
listen on a specific lo address?  I have already tried specifying
'listen' and this produced no change in ntpd's observed

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