A request for unnested UFS implementation in MBR

RW rwmaillists at googlemail.com
Sat Jul 7 23:04:42 UTC 2018

On Sun, 8 Jul 2018 03:28:30 +0530
Manish Jain wrote:

> On 07/08/18 03:16, RW via freebsd-questions wrote:
> > On Sun, 8 Jul 2018 02:20:56 +0530
> > Manish Jain wrote:

> >> There is one request I wished to make for FreeBSD filesystems.
> >> While UFS implementation under GPT is unnested just as Ext2, the
> >> MBR implementation of UFS continues to piggyback on an unnecessary
> >> nest (in a BSD slice).

> > You can put UFS on an MBR partition if you want to.  
> How ? Can you give me the gpart command for that ? Remember, the
> command must put the UFS partition directly into the MBR. Not first
> into a BSD nest.

If you create an MBR partition you can run newfs on it - I done this
for data partitions. Whether or not you can make that a bootable
partition I don't know, I've never tried. I don't think there's any
intrinsic reason why it can't be done, it's a matter of whether it's
supported by a tool.

If you just want to put a single  FreeBSD install on a disk without the
slice you can use a "dangerously dedicated" install, the traditional
unix install.

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