Fwd: A request for unnested UFS implementation in MBR

Manish Jain jude.obscure at yandex.com
Sat Jul 7 20:53:03 UTC 2018


I made a request for FreeBSD UFS filesystem to the freebsd-fs list. Just 
for opinions on this list, I am forwarding that request underneath.

Manish Jain

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Subject: A request for unnested UFS implementation in MBR
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2018 11:29:55 +0530
From: Manish Jain <jude.obscure at yandex.com>
To: freebsd-fs at freebsd.org

Hi all,

I am a longtime user of FreeBSD, which now serves as my only OS.

There is one request I wished to make for FreeBSD filesystems. While UFS 
implementation under GPT is unnested just as Ext2, the MBR 
implementation of UFS continues to piggyback on an unnecessary nest (in 
a BSD slice).

Can it not be considered as an alternative to provide a UFS partition 
(unnested) under MBR too ?

Existing users could continue to use the freebsd::freebsd-ufs scheme, 
while fresh usage could have the alternative of UFS directly recorded in 
the MBR.

I should perhaps note that unlike most users who have shifted to GPT of 
late, I much prefer MBR because 1) the scheme's design by itself keeps 
the number of slices/partitions in a disk manageable; and 2) I can use 
the boot0 manager, my favourite boot manager.

Thanks for reading this.
Manish Jain
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