Disabling automatic zpool import

Andrea Venturoli ml at netfence.it
Wed Jul 4 08:11:19 UTC 2018


I've got a box with a plain zroot pool and a second zpool (for data) 
which is based on two GELI providers.

This allows me to let the machine boot and start basic services, so I 
can ssh into it and run a script which asks for a passphrase, enables 
encyption and gets my sensitive data back online.

The script goes like:
 > ...
> geli attach /dev/ada0p4
> geli attach /dev/ada1p4
> #zpool import zsecure
> zfs mount -a

As you can see, "zpool import" is commented, since it was never needed.

This has always worked fine until I was on 11.1.
After the upgrade to 11.2, however, the pool will somehow become active 
as soon as the first GELI provider comes up and will of course get into 
DEGRADED state. I later need to issue "zpool online zsecure 
/dev/ada1p4.eli" to get it back into shape.

Is there any way I can forbid this? Any settings which gets the zroot 
pool automatically mounted on boot, but requires manual intervention to 
"import" other pools?

  bye & Thanks

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