PHP 7.2 question

Doug McIntyre merlyn at
Tue Jul 3 20:53:56 UTC 2018

On Mon, Jul 02, 2018 at 07:38:28PM -0600, The Doctor wrote:
> The only issue is the PHP 7.2 .
> I compiled most of the modules for Apache 2.4.33 and php-7.2 then compiled 
> mod_php7.2 after all the databases were compiled.
> the mod php is not picking up the databse modules yes php -i and php -m
> indicted they are present.

Which database modules?
It shows mysqli?

MysqlI Support => enabled
Client API library version => mysqlnd 5.0.12-dev - 20150407 - $Id: 38fea24f2847fa7519001be390c98ae0acafe387 $

One major change with PHP7.x systems is the mysql module is deprecated
and gone.  A great # of old PHP software depends on this, and all of
them need updates to use the proper API, mysqli now.

There are a small handful of other modules that are deprecated with
PHP7.0 and PHP7.2, but if something expects mysql vs. mysqli, then it
is just too old to run on PHP7.x anyway and needs to be updated.

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