Kai Windle kaiwindle at
Tue Jul 3 17:17:11 UTC 2018

Hi All,

So I built a new computer back in January and as a 'temp' solution I
installed windows 10 now I'm getting errors telling me my license is
about to expire. So, I figure this is the best time for me to pull my
finger out and reinstall FreeBSD. Before I do I need to know if anyone
has built Moolticute on the OS yet? For reference I've included the
GitHub project.

I know 1password doesn't work with FreeBSD but I've been keeping
duplicate passwords using Mooltipass: for
when this day finally happened.

Failing them two options are there any alternatives to 1Password? that I
can import my existing 1Password db into? I'd prefer to keep using
Mooltipass as a hardware option.



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