sound-card/driver question

C Gray frankfenderbender at
Wed Jan 31 23:02:38 UTC 2018

I have a Dell PowerEdge T300 server which has the following slots available:
	slot 1:    3.3-V, full-length PCIe x4 with x8 connector
	slot 2:    3.3-V, full-length PCIe x4
	slot 3:    3.3-V, full-length PCIe x8
	slot 4:    3.3-V, full-length PCIe x8
	slot 5:    3.3-V, full-length PCI-X

The system is based around:
	Xeon X3440 @ 2.50 GHz Quad core

It's been said that a driver supported for Vista will work with for FreeBSD.

The card I am looking at works with Microsoft Windows7, Vista, and XP.
It's PCI-X based, and would, thus, be inserted into [my] slot 5:
	Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer SB0770 7.1-Channel PCI Sound Card

My question is whether the CD of sound card drivers are in a standardized format such that, 
FreeBSD/TrueOS can use them, as is, just as the Microsoft-verified environments do?

Do they even use the same suffix? Are they well-written enough to discover the platform whereon
they are expected to run (*that is, to "drive"). It the OS discovers the driver rather than the driver 
discovering the OS, the same functional use may be achieved, however, I'm ignorant other than 
guessing as to how drivers work and what is required for that to take place.
Where are they stored in Windows and in FreeBSD, and how do I install the proper one from the 
disk accompanying the card (most likely meant for Microsoft's toolset/installer.

I do recognize that [cr]Apple spent more time avoiding Linux and Windows standards for 
customer-control reasons... for their bottom line. So, I am hoping that the line "canyon" between 
FreeBSD and Windows is negligible, if non-existent w/r/t card access and driver installs.


C Gray
frankfenderbender at

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