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On Tue, 30 Jan 2018 09:33:54 -0700, @lbutlr wrote:
> I’ve seen gop mentioned a few times and I have no idea what it is,
> or what a “loader command” is. Do you mean rebooting into the boot
> loader on the initial pre-startup screen (multi user, single user,
> etc?)

A loader command is being issued inside the loader ("_the_ loader"),
i. e., the thing with the "Ok" prompt (where you can load and unload
kernels and modules). :-)

See "man 8 loader" for details.

At system reboot, escaping from the menu (I don't use it, so I don't
know how), or simply pressing the space bar a few times will drop
you to the loader prompt where the "gop list" command can be used,
and a specific mode can be set for further booting.

See the following thread for inspiration:

Note that the particular gop command won't be available on non-recent
versions, like FreeBSD 10.


(reference from above thread)

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