Setting console resultion

@lbutlr kremels at
Mon Jan 29 09:37:15 UTC 2018

I'm not sure why this is so hard, but I've read dozens of pages and threads on setting up the console to boot into something other than VGA 80x24 and I can't get anything to change the resolution.

I have an old Core 2 duo machine with a 27" screen. Once I change by boot.conf to use sc instead of vt, I can see the mode that I want (1920x1440x32) but I cannot get the screen to change.

vidcontrol mode 
This is a fresh install of 11.1.

If I try to load the intel driver, the screen goes blank.

The onboard video connector not he machine is VGA, so even though the monitor supports higher resolutions, I don't think those would work.

I've also tried 1024x600, just to see if I can get *something* to work.

Every attempt requires changing /boot/loader.conf and then rebooting, so it gets very aggravating very quickly, and I can't find consistent information since most of the pages i've found refer to FreeBSD 9.x or 10.x (or sometimes earlier) and it appears a lot has changed in 11.x.

I did manage to get a screensaver to load, which switches resolutions, but I can't get the console to show anything but 80x24 text which it overscan on the screen so the first and last character positions are clipped.

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