xfce4 reverts to mirrored dislays

Steve O'Hara-Smith steve at sohara.org
Sun Jan 21 18:29:03 UTC 2018

On Sun, 21 Jan 2018 14:45:18 +0100
Polytropon <freebsd at edvax.de> wrote:

> Going back to the "Windows" kind of "registry" will probably be
> the way future desktop environments will store settings, sadly.
> Modifying plain files to achieve something the original developer
> didn't include in the "GUI wizard" responsible for altering the
> "registry" will no longer be possible. There is nothing wrong
> with this approach - if you want an opaque, unpredictable, unstabe,
> incomprehensible and buggy system... ;-)

	Guess I'll be sticking with a straightforward window manager then.

Steve O'Hara-Smith <steve at sohara.org>

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