Hang in boot process

Doug Hardie bc979 at lafn.org
Sat Jan 20 23:24:48 UTC 2018

I used restore to put a working dump over an old drive.  I did a newfs on the slice first.  When booting, it puts out the message loading the kernel and hangs for over an hour.  I booted in verbose mode and got some more information.  It puts out the message about starting init before the hang, but that's the last message.  I know it is reading the drive properly because I changed fstab from the physical entry for root to the label and the boot message properly showed the new label entry.  Just before the init message there are a number of messages about alignment not being correct.  I understand that the performance of the drive would be affected by that, but I didn't think that should cause a hang.  Lots of information and test measurements on the performance, but no indications that it should hang.  I suspect that particular drive was formatted many years ago and it's highly likely its not 4k aligned.  I am going to try again later today after restructuring the drive.

-- Doug

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