Splitting up sets of files for archiving (e.g. to tape, optical media)

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Fri Jan 19 06:59:09 UTC 2018

In message <CADyrUxPmtpAtKYTiKTo0Y+_HdMTe7KCaUuGdQPo30LAQ8NyUQw at mail.gmail.com>
Jov <amutu at amutu.com> wrote:

>from the man page
>*dar* is a full featured backup tool, aimed for disks (floppy, CD-R(W),
>DVD-R(W), zip, jazz, hard-disks, usb keys, etc.) and since release 2.4.0
>also adapted to tapes...

This is certainly an interesting tool, and looks to me to be very similar
to backup/restore.

But I'm not sure if this thing will potentially split individual files 
input files acress multiple output archive volumes.  (If it might do so,
then this violates part of my original problem statement.)

Also, I am guessing that this thing produces outputs that are encoded
into its own unique output archive format.

Ideally, I just want to end up with individual (temporary) directories,
each one full of up to 23.3 GiB worth of ordinary files.  Then I can
tell ImgBurn to -directly- generate and burn that set of files, as a
UDF image, to optical media.

This way, I won't need any special tools or software if I ever want to
get back any one of the files that have been archived.  I can just plop
the relevant (burned) BD-R into a Blu-Ray drive, and no matter what
OS that is attached to... e.g. FreeBSD, Linux, or even Windoze... I can
just directly copy off the one file I want, because all of these
comon operating systems directly support the UDF file system.


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