Robert Huff roberthuff at
Fri Jan 19 01:24:16 UTC 2018

Mario Lobo writes:

>  > Does it mean that the motherboard is AMD and CPU is Intel. But why
>  > uname -m shows amd64, please?
>  This only means that the architecture is 64 bits, which is named
>  amd64, the same way that i386 means 32 bits.

	My understanding is slightly different.
	"amd64" is a label applied to the 64 bit extensions to the
Intel i386 architecture.  There are other 64 bit architectures, some
(all?) supported by FreeBSD: Sparc V9; Power64; MIPS64; and Intel's
IA-64 ("Itanium"). 
	CPUs compliant with those extensions are reported as "amd64" by
FreeBSD no matter who actually makes them.


				Robert Huff

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