Convert .flac and .ape to mp3

Victor Sudakov vas at
Mon Jan 8 07:47:09 UTC 2018

Polytropon wrote:
> I wish there would be some "magical MP3 split" that acts upon
> a specified silence (for example, 3 seconds) and splits the
> file into "tracks" that could then be renamed...

man mp3splt says it can do silence detection:

       -s        Silence mode, to split with silence detection. When  you  use
                 -s  option,  mp3splt attempts to detect silence points in all
                 the file (or just in some parts, see  -a  and  -c  below  for
                 this).  To  detect  silence  we need to decode files, so this
                 option can be really slow if used with big files.  It accepts
                 some  parameters  with  -p  option  (see below for a detailed
                 description): threshold level (th) which is the  sound  level
                 to  be considered silence, number of tracks (nt) which is the
                 desired number of tracks, cutpoint offset (off) which is  the
                 offset  of cutpoint in silence, minimum_length (min) which is
                 the minimum silence length in seconds,  remove  silence  (rm)
                 which  allows you to remove the silence between split tracks.

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