BSDStats: reporting bug fixed

Marc G Fournier scrappy at
Fri Jan 5 02:57:36 UTC 2018

For those that have been having varying success with installing and running bsdstats ( sysutils/bsdstats ), we just fixed a bug on the server side that was causing new servers to fail to be able to report.   

If you have installed it recently, your server will get reported properly starting the beginning of Febrary ( if running out of periodic ), but if you want to test and make sure, please take a moment to run:


As root, from the command line, to make sure that no errors are being generated.

For those unaware of what BSDStats is … it is an anonymous data collection script tthat can be installed on your desk / server to push out information about your server, including:

OS Version
Ports installed ( and version )
Country of Origin

The submission is totally anonymized, with no information about your server being stored in the database that can be traced back to you … all submissions are based on a token that is generated and stored in /var/db/bsdstats on your machine.

To see the statistics themselves, please go to <> … its not just FreeBSD, but all known BSDs ( although the two biggest *are* FreeBSD and TrueOS/PCBSD ).

If anyone has any issues with bsdstats-send, or questions, please feel free to email me directly …

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