Booting from two drives in stages, was Combining / and /boot in different ZFS pools

Marko Turk markoml at
Wed Jan 3 07:24:13 UTC 2018

On Tue, Jan 02, 2018 at 10:28:21PM +0000, Grzegorz Junka wrote:
> Hello All,
> Trying this question again but rewording it differently.
> Is it possible to boot the system in such a way that the kernel is 
> loaded from the /boot folder from one ZFS pool, then once the kernel has 
> been loaded it mounts a second ZFS pool and loads the system from it 
> (the reason is that the drive with second pool needs a driver that's 
> only in the kernel)?

If you choose ZFS auto installer with MBR (not GPT), I think it will
create two pools: one for the kernel, other for the rest.

Try installing this to some VM, see how it works and copy/modify to your

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