Compiling Swap space

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Tue Feb 27 03:00:39 UTC 2018

On Mon, 26 Feb 2018 19:46:34 -0700, The Doctor wrote:
> I notice the default swap is 4G.  
> How can that be increased to 32G or 64G?

By repartitioning your drive. You need contiguous space to
increase the existing swap partition, or at least additional
space to add a second swap partition. You can use gpart for
this task. A second swap partition can then be added via an
/etc/fstab entry, for example:

	/dev/ada0p2  none  swap  sw  0  0	# existing 4 GB
	/dev/ada0p7  none  swap  sw  0  0	# added 64 GB

Dynamically you can manage swap space with "swapon" and
"swapoff"; see "man swapctl" for details.

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