how to change console font type and size ?

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I had a lot of issue with console resolution as well.  Seems the vt driver was rushed out as a stop gap for KMS support missing that one important feature. In my case I went back to using the sc driver since the nVidia driver I use does not depend on it (kern.vty=sc).  Otherwise you're limited to running the console in vga mode (hw.vga.textmode=1) or running it in the native monitor resolution.  It leaves you with the option for giant vga mode font or tiny native resolution font.  Font selection is limited and personally I don't think any of them are any better than the stock vga font.  If there's one feature the vt team needs to get out there fast it's the ability to change console resolution.

P.S. sorry for the horrible format, the retarded web based email I'm using doesn't know how to replay to an email properly.

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 > I'm now working on freebsd 11.1 .  
 > > Sometimes i no need to login X, just
 veiw some source code
 > > after boot
 > > 
 > On boot process after invoke 'kldload
 i915kms'  console font
 > >
 becomes small and difficult to distinguish. 
 > Welcome to the
 "wonderful" world of sc. ;-)
 Of course it shoule be
 "world of sc->vt", as vt still has a lot
 of things to work on, so it can finally catch
 up to the amount of
 functionality and the
 ease of use that sc offered for decades. :-)
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