WebDAV permissions anomoly (FreeBSD-1, Apache24)

Duane Whitty duane at nofroth.com
Tue Feb 20 18:35:14 UTC 2018

On 18-02-20 12:37 PM, James B. Byrne via freebsd-questions wrote:
> I am encountering some confusing problems with permissions with
> respect to our recently transferred WebDAV site.  Some, perhaps most
> but definitely some, of the files and folders that were transferred
> from the old site to the new via rsync do not seem to exhibit the
> expected behaviour with respect to user permissions while flies and
> folders that have been created since the transfer do.
> For example: A folder X was transferred from the old site while folder
> Y has been newly created on the present site.  A file that can be
> moved into and out of folder Y cannot be placed into folder X due to a
> permissions problem.  And yet both folders reside in the same
> directory node and have the exact same permissions and ownership.
> Is there any explanation for this?  I have searched but I cannot seem
> to find anything on this specific problem.
Hi James,

I'm not an rsync or webdav expert but, if I may, there are a couple of
things I would like to suggest that you do to make it easier and more
effective for others to help you.

*) File system types?
*) What was your exact rsync command?
*) There are probably file permission settings for webdav, what are yours?
*) Do you have any security policies in place e.g. MAC, etc?

Hope this helps a little.  Good hunting!

Best Regards,

Duane Whitty
duane at nofroth.com

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