File fransfer from iPad to FreeBSD

Shane Ambler FreeBSD at ShaneWare.Biz
Sat Feb 17 19:27:29 UTC 2018

On 16/02/2018 20:17, Polytropon wrote:
> Did anyone succeed in transfering files _from_ an iPad _to_
> a FreeBSD machine using the USB cable? The setting where this
> should work consists of a FreeBSD 10.3-p24 (32 bit) and an
> iPad 32 GB with iOS 11.0.3 15A432.

While I haven't used them, you can find a few free apps like WiFi Photo
Transfer which starts a http server on the ipad that you then connect to
and download the photos.

> 4. I won't register at a "cloud" storage provider.

Have you looked at starting your own cloud? While you will have to
install the client app from the apple store, (surely they have an apple
store account), you then connect to your machine - so no third party
"cloud" sign up.

While OwnCloud charges $1 for their app, NextCloud is a free app.
Both server sides are available in ports, so you just have to install
www/nextcloud, install the ios client and sync your files to your machine.

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