Administrative email from FreeBSD jails

Valeri Galtsev galtsev at
Fri Feb 16 16:27:12 UTC 2018

On 02/16/18 08:08, Dean E. Weimer wrote:
> On 2018-02-16 7:52 am, James B. Byrne via freebsd-questions wrote:
>> I have the relocated WebDAV site running in a jail on FreeBSD-11.1.
>> The question I now have what is the simplest method to redirect all
>> email generated in the jail to our smart hub.  I am conversant with
>> doing this using Postfix but that seems a bit of a heavyweight
>> solution in this instance.
>> Is the any simpler software package that can forward all application
>> and system generated email from a jail to an external hub?
>> How do other people handle this requirement in their jails?
> I just use the mailertable feature of sendmail.
> Edit the contents of /etc/mail/mailertable
> To do all mail put a single line in it.
> .       smtp:[]
> Then run make && make restart from the /etc/mail directory, Sendmail 
> will then forward all mail to the mail server specified. You can also 
> add secondary server using a : as a separator.
As I replace sendmail with postfix since forever... I just have jails 
built so that sendmail is disabled in them, and if I have anything 
inside jail that only is capable to localhost as smtp setver, then I run 
postfix instance inside such jail. Similarly to what Dean does: running 
smtp server inside particular jail, only using postfix instead of 
sendmail. I do like in that case to have postfix listen to localhost 
inet interface only. I don't know if that is started by ezjail script, 
but in jails I build - by the book - I have to configure local inet 
interface in particular jail configuration, then postfix does have local 
interface to listen to, otherwise it will not start.

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