any problem going from 9.x (don't laugh) to 11 directly?

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at
Thu Feb 15 01:40:34 UTC 2018

>>>>> "John" == John R Levine <johnl at> writes:

John> It's possible but I have several VPS running 10.4 and have yet to
John> run into a port that said 11.x only.  If a release is still
John> supported, the ports should work on it.  On the other hand there
John> are plenty of ports that are abandoned and don't build at all.
John> Which ones are you thinking of?

I need to go back through my poudriere logs and see where the trouble

The big problem (and why I'm still on 9) is the shoemaker's children
issue.  I have big bills to pay, and this is all non-billable time.

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