Janos Dohanics web at
Thu Feb 8 19:54:55 UTC 2018


I have just noticed that security/cyrus-sasl2 is broken on my FreeBSD
10.4-STABLE #0 r327958 box.

Apparently it broke after I have updated to cyrus-sasl-2.1.26_13.

Here are the symptoms:

- Adding a new user with saslpasswd2(8) apparently succeeds (no error)
but testsaslauthd fails to authenticate the newly added user.

- Users I know are in the database are authenticated "OK"
with testsaslauthd.

- The newly added user is returned by sasldblistusers2(8), but none of
the users who I know should be in the database (and authnticated with
testsaslauthd) are returned.

All the relevant ports are updated, and pkg check -d -a returns no

Has anyone seen this problem? What do you suggest to fix the problem?

Janos Dohanics

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