Swap on SSD

Trond Endrestøl Trond.Endrestol at fagskolen.gjovik.no
Tue Feb 6 08:04:58 UTC 2018

On Mon, 5 Feb 2018 13:53-0500, Robert Huff wrote:

> last pid: 57956;  load averages:  2.02,  2.01,  1.95   up 57+19:09:04  13:49:29
> 132 processes: 3 running, 129 sleeping
> CPU: 38.7% user,  0.4% nice,  7.9% system,  0.0% interrupt, 53.0% idle
> Mem: 2264M Active, 2303M Inact, 1478M Laundry, 1525M Wired, 761M Buf, 115M Free
> Swap: 17G Total, 996M Used, 16G Free, 5% Inuse
> 	So ... is "Swap" an incorrect label, or is actual swapping
> going on?
> 	(And is there a utility which will list the swap area by owning
> process?)

Try hitting the w key while running top. Then hit the o key and type 
in swap. Hit the enter key and the display should now be sorted by the 
most swappy processes. If you read the commit log for top, you'll 
notice the VM subsystem doesn't really track swap usage, so the 
presented values are only an estimate.


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