anyone use different PCI Express card & slot #s?

C Gray frankfenderbender at
Sun Feb 4 20:39:58 UTC 2018

My sound issue is hopefully resolving w/i days. My server boot/load was recognizing a sound output device (Dell Soundbar) and will now hopefully recognize the soon-to-be-installed into x4 slot sound-card  (Creative Sound Blaster Live! SB0060) for its MIDI usage and "mixer" complaint (probably related to one of many "checkmark" add-ons with a port I installed. We shall see. 

It looks like the card should work, which is why I took so long to qualify which one to get, as far as the chipset and being covered by the built-in driver: snd_emu10kx(4). 

With variables like "used", third-party manufacturer, my Dell T300 server, as well as the driver and os release, it will be "in the grooves zones" if it works with just the click of my "on" button. 
Much thanks to fellow listees for directing me to a "higher % of success" purchase and level of understanding. ;-)

I ordered the newest (Oct 2015) 2-manual FreeBSD set, having only earlier sets from decades back)l; sure, I downloaded them, however, I like to take a problem-solution text with me on walks, to appointments, and outside to sit with my hardworking squirrel and lofty-viewed bird associates. 

I also scarfed up "The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System" (2nd Edition) by Marshall Kirk McKusick for a better notion of the boot/load/run phases, esp. w/r/t nomenclature, structural locations, key and vectoring-off processes, stepwise order, troubleshooting. That should shed light on my device mounting/linking/setting field-of-vision. And it should shut me up for a while. ;-)

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