Jails, ping, and now DNS

Steve Pointer spointer at humdai.net
Fri Feb 2 16:14:44 UTC 2018

> Your problem is your using ezjail which uses the deprecated rc.conf 
> environment-variable method. Most jail users have stopped using ezjail 
> so support for problems like you are having is very limited.
> Every time you start a ezjail jail an error message popes out telling 
> you to convert your jail system to the jail.conf method. That error 
> message has been issued since 9.1. Its about time you do as it says 
> before you get caught with a unsupported production jail environment. 
> There is a good chance the deprecated rc.conf environment-variable 
> method will be removed in 12.0 release.
> If you are addicted to the ezjail jail coding method then check out 
> qjail which is a fork of ezjail that uses the jail.conf method.

The FreeBSD handbook refers to ezjail:


If this is no longer the best method then maybe this should be changed.  If a bug report was posted with edits to the recommended method what do most people use?

qjail ? Personally I have had success with iocage , which I understood all the cool kids were using now.


Am I in the minority in using this method?


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