FreeBSD Proxy Madness

Tim1Kopplow at Tim1Kopplow at
Thu Feb 1 12:27:51 UTC 2018

Hello there, I'm super new to FreeBSD and i really enjoy using it so far!

Our environment is behind a proxy which makes things "interesting" all the 
I'm coming from Linux and expected issues with proxy usage but at first 
went smoothly (using pkg, git, npm) with just giving Environment Variables 


Today i encountered that freebsd-update, which is using phttpget, doesn't 
like it like this
Instead it requires: 


to be set. Which atleast makes git and npm not work again. 

Probably because git and npm and mainstream applications like this are 
coming not 
necessarily from bsd work where i first encountered HTTP_PROXY_AUTH usage.

So it is atleast understandable to some degree.

So far my experience with FreeBSD and proxy usage.

Now, since this is the Question Mailinglist here comes my Question: 

"What is wrong with fetch??" This little piece of software says that it 
respects all the stuff
(according to the man page). It says it respects, http_proxy, HTTP_PROXY, 
HTTP_AUTH, HTTP_PROXY_AUTH basically everything. But it's just not 

I looked already at the source of "Fetch" an the only thing regarding 
proxy i can find is 
a little code about "noproxy". TBF i don't know if i looked at the right 
place since the webinterface
of the svn isn't the most userfriendly place in existance but i tried.

So What's the deal with Fetch? Am i missing obvious Points or did i just 
gone mad already?

Oh and is there a IRC i can join to discuss stuff like this?

Thanks in advance.

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