system hanging with swap_pager_getswapspace

Kurt Buff - GSEC, GCIH kurt.buff at
Sat Dec 29 01:47:39 UTC 2018


I'm using 'synth upgrade-system', and the system eventually hangs
building rust (I'm pretty sure - that's the last thing I see in the

The errors on screen are swap_pager_getswapspace(32) and

I have done some STFW, and have found complaints about synth eating RAM.

This machine is a VM under VMware Workstation Pro, and has 8gb of RAM
and 100gb of disk.

The disk is divided up thusly:
$ gpart show
=>       40  209715120  da0  GPT  (100G)
         40       1024    1  freebsd-boot  (512K)
       1064        984       - free -  (492K)
       2048    4194304    2  freebsd-swap  (2.0G)
    4196352  205516800    3  freebsd-zfs  (98G)
  209713152       2008       - free -  (1.0M)

Just now I've created a 1gb swap file following

I'm going to try upgrading again, but am wondering if anyone has
suggestions beyond what I've configured.



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