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Fri Dec 28 00:43:30 UTC 2018

On Thu, 27 Dec 2018 15:06:38 -0800, Jonathan Engwall wrote:
> Here is the problem:
> My usb ext2fs has the wrong magic number.
> Is this an offset? I rewrote the stick several times, even with 128 inodes.
> Still the magic number is 0.

I'm not sure you you want your USB stick to be Ext-2
formatted. Do you want it to use it as FreeBSD boot
medium? In that case, simply dd'ing the FreeBSD image
onto the stick should be sufficient - there won't be
any Linux remains left (as they are not needed - all
partitioning info is in the image).

> Should I suspect the USB? Rufus rejects most of my usb stick though they
> are still functional.

Who is Rufus?

> I see I have no geom command and no gpart either.

Well, "gpart" is part of FreeBSD for many years now, just
like the "geom" command.

> Using centos and ubuntu I have never dealt with magic numbers.

Can you provide a simplified list of what you did, and
what seems to be the actual problem?

PS. You should use a short summary of your problem or your
    question as the message's subject. "Hello" is not going
    to describe what you're asking for and what the thread
    may be about. It's even possible that a "Hello" message
    gets rejected by possible readers due to the coincidence
    that "Hello" is often used in spam.

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